What now?

Many many thanks to all those who helped make the Leeds Summat Gathering 2011 such a huge success: see below for the full list of amazing people and groups. Click here for videos, photos, reports and more from the day; and most notably, **click here to download a full evaluation report from the event**.

But now is not the end, just the start of summat new. The Summat was never just about one day. It’d be plain lazy of us (all!) just to have had a nice day together – then do nowt. So the question is: WHAT NOW?

If you were there, re-visit the brochure (click here) and fill out the ‘What next?’ back page. What ideas or comments that grabbed or inspired you? What people or organisations do you want to stay in touch with? And what changes do you now want to make in my life?

Also, do stay in touch – with one another, and with us. Keep talking, and plotting global change! Email us if you’re not already on our mailing list. If you find these tools handy, find us on Twitter and Facebook. Please tell us your plans and stories. What are you going to do to help make change where you are? We’re very keen to gather your stories… and to HELP. We may be able to help you, with mentors, resources, funding, follow-up events, linking you with other people, etc. Let us know!

Finally, we are exploring options for a third Summat in 2013: watch this space for unfolding plans…



The Leeds Summat Gathering 2011 was hosted by a partnership of local organisations (listed here).

Massive thanks to the Summat (volunteer) project team, who poured themselves into organising the event over the past year! They are: Caroline Isle, Cecil Xavier, Susie Fawcett, Jen Glover, Michelle Lee, Gary Hanna, Jo Hill, Sophie Price, Elvire Yessoh, Phillip Martin, MT Nyoni, Dave Boardman and the music team, Tania Carlisle, Norma Thompson, Puru Misra, Tony Scarlott, Sergio Sanchez-Martinez, Maggie Bellwood and Ann-Marie Cousins.

Thanks to ALL who helped make the event happen, especially all the on-the-day volunteers, and all those who hosted elements (workshops, zones, activities, etc) of the day. Contact info for them all should be here on this site, or get in touch with us.

And last but not least, thanks to all our sponsors and partners, including:

The WF Southall Trust 


Also: Leeds Love It Share It and Footprint Workers Cooperative; and all those who’ve donated personally.


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