Air Fryers – The New Way of cooking healthy food every day

Air fryers are revolutionising the way the British public are cooking their favourite potato chips. No longer are deep fat fryers all the rage. Yes indeed, its skinnier, leaner brother is here!

Air fryers uses extreme hot air to cook food and here’s the major benefit – only a tiny fraction of the oil used by a deep fat fryer is needed. This means you can enjoy the same great tasting chips, with fewer calories and saturated fat. Music to the ears of any dieters reading this. Obesity is a problem in the UK so let’s do something about it.

Air fryers work by circulating hot air at temperatures up to 230 degrees C. Chips, chicken, fish and other food can been cooked to perfection without the need for excessive cooking oil. Some of the manufacturers of air fryers, also known as health fryers claim up to 80% LESS oil is needed when using one.

Cooking times are quick too! Thanks to the instant heat as soon as you turn on an air fryer, the food is cooking immediately. No need to wait for a temperature to be reached as with a conventional oven. (Great time saver this too)

If you like your food crispy and browned then you’ll be pleased to hear that air fryers do just that, even with just a half a tablespoon of oil.

If you like making handmade chips then these can be ready in 12-15 minutes. However, you can also cook ready made frozen chips too, with cooking times in a similar region.

If you’re trying to lose weight by a calorie controlled diet then a health fryer will help you enjoy tasty meals with fewer calories, so you can go to your next weight loss meeting without a guilty conscience.

Air fryers are also a safer alternative to cooking chips. More than 50 people a year die in the UK from unattended chip pan fires. Most air frying appliances have an automatic cut off timer so this is a much safer option for cooking chips – even late at night after coming in from the pub. Mixing alcohol consumption and hot oil was never a good idea!

Another benefit to these appliances in the simplicity in cleaning after cooking in them. The units can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or if there is heavy soiling then all parts are dishwasher safe, so no manual washing is needed.

Sticking to a healthy diet is never easy, but investing in a health fryer can make all the difference, allowing you to still eat tasty food but without the calorie and saturated fat intake. If you’re looking to purchase a fryer, have a look at this air fryers review site, as it shows a variety of appliances on the market to suit all budgets and requirements.

Top 5 suggestions for cooking with an Air Fryers

  • Fish bites and chips
  • Sweet Potato wedges seasoned with herbs
  • Chicken thighs seasoned with garlic
  • Salmon steaks
  • Roasted vegetable pasta salad