Healthy Eating For Everyone – Welcome to Summat

Creating good eating habits is perhaps the best help for a healthy life parents can give their children. Eating fish at least three times a week is a good habit because the fish have a high protein content and useful cats. Fish are also easy to chew because the fish meat contains less connective tissue than meat from four-legged animals.

According to professional dietary advice, breastfeeding is only recommended during the first six months of the child. Therefore, just like during pregnancy, it is important that the breastfeeding mother is eating a lot of Omega-3, since the infant’s breast milk receives its Omega-3 needs. Because the little child’s brain is in a rapid development process where perceptual ability as well as vision develops, Omega-3 fat is extra important. Among other things, Omega-3 contributes to the development of the nerves in the retina. Taurin is an amino acid that is mainly found in shellfish and is also very important for the development of the vision and nervous system of newborns.

Little children also need a lot of vitamin D to build up the growing skeleton. Many children get vitamin drops, but fish are also an excellent source of vitamin D.